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CloudMiT now offers the CloudMiT Hosted Voice (UCaaS) Solution.  The Cloud Hosted PBX is a full hosted solution with a continuously updated, state-of-the-art feature set.  You will enjoy having a provider that delivers cutting-edge upgrades in the the ever changing world of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).  This will allow your company to stay ahead of the curve.  Never again have the frustration dealing with the telephone company.  CloudMiT will become the phone company and handle everything so you don't have to stress.  Even the phone bill will come from CloudMiT!

Advanced Features


Customers are often required to over-engineer their phone systems by purchasing more phone circuits than they really need. CloudMiT enables customers to scale the number of telephony sessions (virtual phone lines) in increments of one, rather than paying for something they don’t need or won’t use.

Trunk Consolidation

In a multi-site environment, Dial Tone-Plus lets you eliminate individual telephone circuits (traditional phone lines) at each location, consolidating all locations into one centralized site, resulting in reduced hardware and significant cost savings.

Redundancy and Reliability

The CloudMiT platform and service is housed across four data centers. The Dallas and Virginia data centers house the Atlas application that we provision and manage your systems through. It is built in a high availability architecture with a dedicated 100 MB connection constantly synchronizing between the two. This ensures that the application you manage this business through is continuously available to you.

The second two data centers are utilized to manage the traffic across our platform. They are strategically located in Philadelphia and Las Vegas to give our customers the greatest flexibility in serving their customer base. The platform is Active Active, which means both facilities are running production traffic at all times, and can serve as a full back up to the other if an issue were to occur in one of the data centers.

Dynamic Line Bursting

During peak hours a customer can be at risk of not having enough call paths (or phone lines) to accommodate increased inbound call activity, resulting in many callers receiving a busy signal. Dynamic Line Bursting allows a customer to “burst” over the total number of prepaid call paths (virtual phone lines) they are subscribed to, so that inbound callers never receive a busy signal.

Do you already own a Cisco Unified Communications System?

Let CloudMiT assist you with Move, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACDs).  Need tech support on the system?  Let our team of experts handle any issues that may arise.  CloudMiT is here to help with system upgrades as well!  CloudMiT can handle anything under the Cisco Unified Communications portfolio.

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